We Can Do This. Together.

Left or right, we all want the same.

Health. Happiness. Safety. Prosperity. Productivity. A strong economy.
Human life on Earth for centuries to come.

Here's how we unite the country and solve our challenges. Together.


We All Want the Same Thing

I've been on the left. I've been on the right. And I realized: We all want the same thing:

Health. Happiness. Safety. Prosperity. Productivity. A strong economy. And a planet that can sustain human life for millennia.

So why the the divide?

Two reasons.

One: We focus on specific methods instead of outcomes.

Anyone who's succeeded at anything knows that the way to achieve things is to focus on what you want the outcome to be first, then find the way to get there through research and experimentation.

Two: We get hung up on the small differences in values, instead of how much we agree on values.

There are six fundamental moral values that all humans across all societies share:

    1. Care/Harm
    2. Fairness/Cheating
    3. Loyalty/Betrayal
    4. Authority/Subversion
    5. Sanctity/Degradation
    6. Liberty/Oppression

The left puts the most weight on Care/Harm and Fairness/Cheating and less on the other four. The right gives roughly the same amount of weight to all six.

But regardless of emphasis, we all share the same six. That means we have the ability to understand each other and appreciate the differences in weight.

How Do We Move Forward?

One: Question beliefs.

We get into fights with each other when we cling too tightly to our opinions.

If we can move from 100% certainty to 99% certainty, then we can start other to have a dialog. We can start to explore the world and possible solutions together.

The challenge is that people get very defensive about their beliefs and opinions, because they think it's their identity, and their survival is threatened.

Which leads us to:

Two: Mental and emotional maturity.

The general public needs to learn how to deal with thoughts and emotions before we can make any real progress politically. So that is the first order of business.

Solving the Challenges

Solving climate change, poverty, crime, and the health crisis, are all relatively straight-forward. The solutions are all there, they're just not evenly distributed yet.

A key insight is that you cannot solve abstract problems. You can only solve specific problems. So there's not a "poverty problem", and you cannot address it with a "war on poverty". There are thousands of different reasons people are poor, and we need to understand and address those.

Solving these problems is the easy part. Once the will for effective problem solving is present, solutions are easy.

We solve them using three levels of thinking:

  1. Entrepreneurial thinking: Making change with limited resources
  2. Engineering thinking: Testing out potential solutions and judging by real world results.
  3. Spiritual thinking: Basing solutions on how human beings actually work.

 Put the three together, and we truly can create the nation we all want to live in.

A nation that stands apart from the rest of the world, and yet sets the standard for others to follow.

A Nation Apart.

–Calvin Correli
Brooklyn, New York

February 11, 2020